Google Jamboard Integrates with Meet!

 Did you know that you can create a Jamboard directly from Google Meet? It is now possible by clicking on the 3 dots in the bottom-right corner of your Google Meet screen.

Once you select Jamboard, you can use a new or existing Jamboard, which saves on Google Drive! Want to create an existing Jamboard before your Google Meet? No problem! Check out my tutorial.

Why Should I Use Jamboard? 

Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard tool that can be used as a tool for group or individual instruction. Here are some ideas for using this tool: 

  • Use it as a whiteboard for group instruction.
  • Keep notes of your meeting and save as a PDF. 
  • Use the post-it note feature as a way to collaborate and groupthink.
Did you know that if you create an existing Jamboard and share it in Google Classroom, you can make individual copies for each student? This might be an excellent way to customize instruction for each of your students!

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