Wordwall: A Highly Engaging Tool to Create Interactive Games and Printables

 I am so glad that I came across Wordwall the other day while I was browsing Twitter! If you are not familiar with this free tool, you can create interactive quizzes, games, and even printables with a few clicks. 

I decided to see how easy it was to create a quiz, so I decided to create an account and develop the following quiz on Starbucks.

 To my surprise, it was incredibly easy to create and extremely flexible to use. Although I used the "Quiz" template, I found that I could convert it into another activity to make it more engaging and fun for students. Plus, I could create a PDF printable for students who may not have the technology or needed a paper version of the activity.  If you are in a remote learning situation, I would highly recommend checking this out! 

Want a quick tutorial on how this tool works? Check out my video below: 


  1. Thanks for sharing WOrdWall! In the free version I see that you can create only 5 activities. If I delete an activity does that allow me to make more? Thanks!

  2. Hi Eileen! You are limited to 5 activities with a free account. I would recommend doing that so that you can experiment with other activities.


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