3 Hacks for Creating an Amazing Jamboard Template

I was recently presenting at a webinar when a participant shared with me their frustrations with Jamboard. One of their biggest frustrations was that students can delete the activities they worked so hard to create. I suggested the following hack for making a Jamboard template and bonus interactive activity!

I shared one of my favorite Jamboard templates of all time! The Mood Meter! Click here to make your own copy. 

How Did I Do It? 

Check out the video or text below to learn 3 hacks for creating your own Jamboard template. 

Hack # 1: Create a Jamboard Slide Template in Google Slides

First, make sure that you create a custom page setup of 1920 x 1080. Then, design your Google Slide as you wish your Jamboard background to look like. Finally, download your slide as a JPG or PNG. 

Hack # 2: Set Your New Background

After downloading your Google Slide as a PNG or JPG, you can open up a new Jamboard and upload your new background. 

BONUS Hack # 3: Add Shapes to Make it Interactive

In the example from above, I had students drag and drop stars into a quadrant that best describes how they feel. I used a Google Slide extension (formerly called Add-On) called Insert Icons to copy and paste stars into my Jamboard. 

Matt Bergman (2022)

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