Yippity: Master Study Skills with AI

Studying is such an important skill for students to master; however, many of our students struggle with basic study skills. Why is this? Learners may vary in their executive functioning skills, which help set goals, manage information, and utilize strategies to reach and master goals. 

Our students sometimes need additional tools and resources to help them master study skills. If you do a quick Google Search, you will find tons of resources, tools, and strategies. I want to share with you a tool that I recently came across called Yippity. 

What is Yippity? 

Yippity is a free website that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a list of questions and answers from a website or notes pasted from a document to help you study! 

Check out this video below or read the text below. 

How Does It Work? 

Step 1: Copy and paste your URL or notes to Yippity. 

Step 2: Click Generate and Yippity will develop a list of questions to study from! 

Step 3: Study time! 

Yippity develops a list of questions to study from called a quiz. You can save this quiz or share the URL with another person. 

Additionally, there are a variety fo features to hide, edit, copy, or delete questions. 

Matt Bergman (2022)

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