Making Accessible and Self-Grading Chat GPT Quizzes with Classkick

Being a teacher in today's classrooms might feel overwhelming, especially with the focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT over the past few months. If you are like me, you might be unsure how to integrate AI into your everyday tasks. The following blog post will show you how to generate a self-grading accessible quiz using Chat GPT and Classkick! 

Creating a Quiz with Chat GPT

There are a variety of different ways you could do create a quiz. You could ask Chat GPT to create a 10-question quiz on the US State Capitals. 

Want to make it more engaging? You could ask Chat GPT to create your quiz as a Blooket. 

Want your quiz on specific content from an article? No problem! Copy and paste the article into Chat GPT and ask it to create a quiz from the content. Copy and paste the quiz into a Word or Google Doc. 

Want to make your article more accessible? Have you ever considered combining Chat GPT with Classkick to create a self-grading quiz with audio recordings? Check out my video on how to create a self-grading and accessible quiz:


It may be a little scary using Chat GPT for generating quizzes; however, we can use tools like Classkick to create a self-grading and accessible assessment of what students know. As Chat GPT becomes more advanced, additional ways to generate quizzes will certainly exist. Obviously, multiple choice quizzes are not the end-all-solution; however, the key is to looking at possible barriers and envision how it could be redesigned to meet the needs of all students! 

Matt Bergman (2023)

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