Audio Note: Using AI to Organize Your Notes and Ideas!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than Chat GPT writing prompts, driverless cars, and chatbots. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of AI is that it can help us organize our thoughts more effectively. Take for instance a new AI application I recently came across called Audio Note

What is Audio Note? 

Audio Note allows you a place to record voice notes (up to one minute on the free version) or provide text notes (unlimited in the free version), then use AI to rewrite in whatever format you need. You can currently use AI to rewrite your thoughts as a(n):

  • Note
  • List
  • Email
  • Journal
  • Tweet 
  • Linked In

How to Use it With Students? 

When I look at Audio Note, I see endless possibilities for helping students. Imagine a student who vigorously typed and copied down your class notes from a recent lecture, but they are still struggling with everything or trying to put it all together. With Audio Note, they could use AI to organize and rewrite their notes, making studying a breeze.

Matt Bergman (2024)

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