Quillbot: An Amazing AI Tool for Writing Support and Paraphrasing

Quillbot is an artificial intelligence tool aimed at helping users improve their writing. Unlike generative AI tools like Chat GPT, users provide the original text to Quillbot, and it supplies suggestions, much like spelling and grammar checkers in word processing tools. However, QuillBot can be used to help users with a variety of tasks, such as paraphrasing, grammar and plagiarism checking, summarizing, and translating.

Writing is a valuable exercise in translating thoughts and ideas into language; however, many of our students struggle with writing because they are intimidated, uncertain, and confused about the writing process. Quillbot is designed to provide students with helpful suggestions aimed at refining their original ideas.

In addition, Quillbot can be used to rephrase reading passages that students have difficulties understanding. For instance, imagine that students are struggling with understanding a particular reading passage. They could use Quillbot to rewrite content in a way that makes sense.

Matt Bergman (2024)

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