Prezi as a Collaboration Tool?

When educators think of collaboration tools, many think of Google Docs, which is leading the way in the world of collaboration in education. However, recently I was made aware of how Prezi could be used as a collaboration tool. Just like a Google Presentation, two students could work on the same Prezi at the same time.

What is Prezi?

If you have never used Prezi, you may want to check it out! It's been out for quite awhile! It is a web-based program that allows you to create visually stimulating presentations. Although very similar to PowerPoint, it creates more movement and offers more freedom through zooming in and out of text, pictures, etc. The best part is that it is free!

How do you Collaborate in Prezi?

Once you have created a Prezi, you can invite others to collaborate on it.

  1. Open up your Prezi and make sure that you are in the Edit view, where you can make edits to your presentation.

  2. In the top-middle portion of your screen, select Meeting button from the Prezi toolbar.

  3. Select Invite to Edit

  4. Copy the URL and email it to the person you want to edit.

Did You Know that You Can Make Online Presentations?

Prezi also allows you to create real-time online presentations for others to watch for free. According to Prezi, you can invite up to 10 people to collaborate and watch.

  • Follow steps 1 -2 from above and select Start Online Presentation.
Prezi and UDL

Prezi is an excellent alternative to PowerPoint, which may help students who do not have access to the Microsoft Office Suite at home. Although Microsoft has a free online version (just like Google docs), this provides students with an opportunity to key into the Strategic Networks of the brain, which impact the "How" of learning. There is more freedom for students to express their understanding of particular concepts, because information is not organized in a "one-size fits all" template, much like PowerPoint offers.

Let's face it. Our students enjoy customizing information and Prezi provides students with an opportunity to present material in a flexible format.


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