It's test time and you are scrambling for a resource that may help you students study for that final exam or analyze their latest book report. It's the end of the year and you are scrambling for new ideas! Or maybe you are just looking for ideas for next year. Shmoop may be a resource you would want to check out.

What is Shmoop?

Shmoop is divided into 3 sections:
  • Learning Guides, which are used to reinforce what students are learning in Literature, Poetry, Pre-Algebra, Economics, Civics, Music, and even contains Biographies! After choosing a topic, you are provided with tabs containing an overview, analysis, just the facts, games, and other resources.
  • Test Prep, which contains resources for AP Testing, SAT Prep, SAT Flashcards, and boatloads of other resources!
  • Teacher Resources, which contain Assignments, Activities, Quizzes, and other valuable resources.
How Does Shmoop Relate to UDL?

After sifting through the information on Shmoop, I was very impressed with the site's ability to provide multiple means of comprehension (Principle 1 - Multiple Means of Representation). According to the National Center on UDL , "The purpose of education is not to make information accessible, but rather to teach learners how to transform accessible information into useable knowledge." Shmoop helps support students in the process of learning and comprehending information. Brain research has shown us that comprehension and connecting to concepts is an active process and not passive.

The site provides visual representatives for students to understand concepts, themes, etc. It provides interactive quizzes and games for the hands on or tactile learner. It also provides an alternative resource for students, who may struggle with a traditional textbook. Check it out!


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