Text Message Feature from Edmodo

Several weeks ago, one of my graduate students brought a cool feature in Edmodo to my attention. She is a high school Math teacher and noticed that a student was receiving a text message in class. She automatically thought that the student was receiving texts from a friend, family member, etc. Instead the girl replied, "I just received a reminder that your assignment is due from Edmodo."

If you are not familiar with this web-based program, it is very much like Facebook for students and teachers. This social network is private and allows teachers to post assignments, polls, announcements, etc. Little did this teacher and I know, it also sends out text message reminders!

It's easy for your students to set up!

1. Simply click on the Settings Tab
2. In the Notifications section, click on the Notification Type drop down menu
3. Select Text Message and fill in the appropriate information


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