SuperLame is Far From Lame!

The month of May is usually a time when we kill our students with PowerPoints or other projects. Recently I came across a unique site called SuperLame, which is a Comic Word Balloon site that may provide an alternative or enhancement to these end-of-the-year projects!

SuperLame is far from lame! It gives you the opportunity to upload pictures and add comic-style comment balloons. It's very user friendly and is set up to easily share and save these pictures.

SuperLame provides students with the opportunity to organize and express ideas in a unique way, tapping into the brain's Strategic Networks, which focuses on the "How" of learning. Imagine it's uses!

  • You could easily add SuperLame pictures to a presentation, offering an alternative to bulleted lists!

  • It could easily be used as a brainstorming tool. Have students brainstorm ideas with a visual in the background!

  • You could use it as a visual for any project. Imagine listening to a biography speech and seeing the person's picture with a comic-style comment balloon!


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