#ISTE13 GEMS: #AudioBoo App on #Edmodo

I had the privilege of helping demo the AudioBoo App in the Edmodo booth at #ISTE13. I have used the iPhone App for several months now, but I had no idea how much of a game changer this is for Edmodo. It allows both teachers and students to create audio clips that are easy to upload and share. The best part is that because it is on Edmodo, it is private!

During the course of the week, I learned that teachers have the ability to create their own audio recordings called "boos" or access the vast library of user-generated content from the AudioBoo site. Teachers can save these "boos" to their Edmodo library.

In today's diverse classrooms, AudioBoo makes it easy for teachers to Universally Design lessons for all students to access materials. For example, teachers can write out instructions for students to read and/or use AudioBoo to record audio instructions. Whether a student has a visual disability or is an auditory learner, they can access instructions.

This App is making it even easier to "flip" the classroom because teachers can pre-record lessons in the form of a "boo" or have students listen to a user-generated boo. Teachers can pose a question and have students respond via text or through AudioBoo. The best part is that this is completely private! Only the teacher and student can access the recording.

This App is currently free and available to educators in the Edmodo App store. Not an Edmodo user? The AudioBoo App is available on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

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