#ISTE13 GEMS: QRPhoria and How QR Codes are Being Used

As QR codes are gaining popularity in society, they are also gaining traction in education. They are being used in some unique ways to enhance student learning. One of the knocks on QR codes is their appearance. Some of them are just plain ugly!

QRPhoria is a free website, which can be used to create customized QR Codes that contain various patterns and colors. Perhaps a "prettier" QR Code would increase engagement??? Just a thought!

How are QR Codes Being Used:

A few weeks ago, I learned of a librarian in Oklahoma who is trying to promote books from the Sequoyah Reading list. To engage her students, she has them read the book and write a book review. Here's how QR Codes come into the mix. She has them record their recommendation using AudioBoo and generates a QR Code for her students to listen to the actual review! Check it out below:

One of my former graduate students is a Pre-Calculus teacher, who uses QR codes for his students to complete homework problems. He gives his students a half sheet of paper with a copy of the directions and a QR code. Students use their iPhones to scan the code and access the online homework. Students complete the homework and turn it in the next day. If they have a problem, they have a separate QR code with supports and video clips!

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