#SimplyNoise is a Great Way to Focus

A few days ago, I needed to get out of the house to prepare for a presentation I was making. Usually I head to the local library, but I needed a caffeine fix and headed to my local Starbucks instead. I love the smell of coffee, but I am often distracted by the sound of music, cash registers, and personal conversations. 

I came across a website called SimplyNoise to help drown out the background noises and chatter. It gave me several different "types" of noise to choose from: white, pink, or brown. After using it for an hour, I was amazed at how it improved my concentration. I was able to enjoy my coffee and still be  productive!

Imagine how our students could use this site to study. Many of my students tell me that they need some type of background noise while they do their homework. Most of our students have the television on, listen to their iPod, or chat with friends. SimplyNoise may be a great way for students to have non-distracting background noise to help improve their concentration. No Internet access? There is even an App that they can download on the iTunes store for .99 cents. This is perfect for playing on an iPhone or iPod while on the bus ride home!

I am currently using it as I make this blog post. Ironically, my four year-old son and eight year-old daughter are playing together nicely, the television is tuned to Nick Jr. and my wife is on the phone. The best part is that I can't hear a thing! 

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