Changing Learning Through the New Edmodo AudioBoo App: Part 2

I'm continuing my series on the new Edmodo AudioBoo App. My last post focused on how AudioBoo is considered by many to be the "YouTube of Audio." 

Options for Showing What They Know

Today’s classrooms are more diverse than ever before. Brain research shows us that not all students learn the same way and how we learn is as different as our DNA. Providing options for students to “show what they know” will solidify learning and help them perform better on one-size-fits-all standardized tests.

For example, in many of my classes I have my students demonstrate their knowledge of the “big ideas” of a particular chapter. I sometimes give students the option of writing a paper or creating a PowerPoint presentation; however, this poses a barrier to my auditory learners, who often struggle translate their ideas into a document or slideshow. AudioBoo is the perfect tool to help my auditory learners verbally share their ideas without the barrier of text. I can post an assignment and give my students options on how they respond. They can write or speak their ideas.

Some students are limited in how much they can participate because of disability. I recently heard the story of a student who had Cerebral Palsy. Her disability would limit how she could utilize technology to share her ideas and participate in class discussions. Having the option to record her voice would have helped her participate more in class online discussions. 

Want More About the App? 

I want to invite you to attend my FREE EdWeb Webinar titled Changing Learning Through AudioBoo on Thursday, August 8th from 4 pm EST to 5 pm EST. I will show you how the App works and creative ways other educators are using it. Pre-Register here.

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