140 or Less: Changing Action and Expression with Tellegami (Part 1)


I love getting ideas with other like-minded educators, who are passionate about UDL and technology. Earlier today I was emailed by Scott, a principal from Minnesota, who told me about an App called Tellegami. Over the next few posts, I will share with you some ideas on how you can incorporate this cool App into your classroom. In 140 words or less, of course!

 What is it?

Tellegami is a way to share animated messages (called Gamis) through your Smart device through Facebook, Twitter, Email, or texting. You can customize your character, change their mood, customize the background, type a message, and record up to 30 seconds of your voice with just a few swipes.


To show you how easy this is to use, I created my own Gami (below)! Check out my future posts! Thanks Scott!



Posts for the month of November are dedicated to a little boy named Ayden. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and is at Hershey Medical Center receiving treatment. For every time someone visits my blog during the month of November, I am going to donate a penny to his medical fund. 

Several donors have agreed to match this amount. 

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