140 or Less: #PowToon (Part 1)

For my next couple of series, I plan on inspiring you to use new technologies in 140 words or less, because I want to challenge myself to say more with less. Start counting now!

A few weeks ago, I had discussed putting together a toolbox of UDL friendly tools for students to use. Powtoon is a new presentation tool I plan on adding to my toolbox. 

What Is It?

Think of Powtoon as a completely online cross between PowerPoint and Movie Maker, where you can add many of the same presentation elements (text, pictures, animations, sounds, etc.) into your presentation.

A New Way of Engagement
Several weeks ago, I had given my students and assignment. Create a presentation using any medium of your choice. One of my students created a knock out presentation using this free program. Not only is it easy to use, but it engages students in a new way. Now everyone wants to try it!

How can you use it? Stay tuned! 


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