Awesome #GAFE Add-ons: Leave Audio Comments with Kaizena

If you are a GAFE or Google Apps for Education user, then you know the power of extensions and add-ons. Add-ons enhance your experience when working in a specific App, while extensions change your browsing experience. For my next series, I am going to focus on Awesome Add-Ons that you can use within a Google Doc to address all learning abilities. My previous post focused on Tag Cloud - a great tool to use to preview or summarize text.

Kaizena Audio Feedback Tool

 Kaizena is a web tool designed to seamlessly integrate into Google Docs, providing teachers with the ability to provide meaningful feedback to students through links, audio or text comments. Comments are shared through a private dropbox generated by Kaizena and accessible in the comments section of Google Docs and Presentations. This dropbox can be customized. For example, if you wanted a box for each class you teach, you could do so.

When students are ready to share their Google Docs or Presentations with you, they will need to access a link to your Kaizena profile. When students visit this profile, they will select their file from Google, choose which dropbox to leave it in, and wait for your feedback. 

Want to see it in action? Check out this YouTube tutorial that I created:

The teacher will receive a dashboard alert on Kaizena, stating that they have received a submission. They can go through the submission and click and drag over areas that need commenting on. They can leave feedback in the form of audio, text, or hyperlinked comments. 

Students are able to access comments within the Comments section of their Google Doc or Presentation. The comment will contain a link to Kaizena, where all of the comments are stored. The best part is that students can also leave feedback in the form of audio, video, and links. It starts a dialog to improve performance. 

Why not use this tool? It's the perfect companion in any classroom because it provides multiple ways to share feedback, so that all students have the ability to understand and improve their performance! 

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