SimplyCircle is a Great Way to Connect with Parents!

Being able to effectively communicate with parents (in all of their business) has to be one of the most frustrating parts of being a teacher today.  Some of us send emails that are never read or design websites that are never visited. What if there was a better way to reach our busy parents?

A few months ago, I had wrote a blog post about SchoolCircle, a free one-stop-shop communication tool, which will change the way you communicate with parents. SchoolCircle is NOW called SimplyCircle

Why is it a Great Tool? 

No more frustrating mailer daemon messages or disconnected phones. No more unresponsive email communication or unreturned voice mail calls. SimplyCircle helps you communicate quickly to your entire group of parents or have individual conversations!

Communicate to the Entire Group:

For example, let’s say that you wanted to post a message about your upcoming field trip and share an electronic copy of your permission slip. After your field trip, you wanted to share pictures with parents without sending out a billion email attachments.

With SimplyCircle, you can post messages, share documents, share pictures, assign tasks, create events, and even ask for parent volunteers. Imagine all of the trees we could save!

Communicate One-on-One:

Have you ever wanted to quickly communicate with parents, but found yourself frustrated by the number of tasks necessary to find that information? SimplyCircle allows you to quickly find a parent’s name in your class roster and start a conversation, share a document or attach a picture.

Instead of spending time searching for information, you can spend more time concentrating on providing the best educational experience for all of the students in your class. 

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