Instant Research Results with InstaGrok

Finding the right tool to address the needs of your students is often one of the biggest challenges of research. How can we provide students with the scaffolds and supports that they need?

Steph, who is one of my graduate students, suggested that I take a look at InstaGrok. This amazing interactive concept map can help students represent any topic of their choice. For example, if I type in the term "water," InstaGrok suggests key facts, websites, videos, images, and other concepts to help me with my research.

Students can also customize the difficulty level of their search results. Increase the difficulty and you will see more advanced terms, concepts, and facts. This is a great tool to differentiate the type of research that my students conduct.

InstaGrok has a journal feature, where students can record notes, create a bibliography, and write a research report. It also has a Quiz feature where students can assess their knowledge of the topic.

There is also a sharing tool, which allows you to share your search via social media, email, and even embed it on a website.

Have you ever used this tool? If so, how have student's responded? How are you using this in your classroom? I'd love to hear more!

Want to see it in action? Learn how to use InstaGrok in less than 2 minutes!


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