No Google CardBoard? Try NearPod Virtual Field Trips

NearPod has changed the way that information is presented and how students are engaged. Teachers can provide students with interactive polls, short answer questions, the chance to draw their answer, and learn at their own pace (Homework).

Recently I learned about a new feature called Virtual Field Trips. In a partnership with 360 Cities, NearPod now gives teachers and students the opportunity to view pristine locations like the Taj Mahal, the Golden Gate Bridge, and The Great Wall of China. You can view famous architecture, famous artifacts, and even different planets! Virtual Field Trips are a great addition to any classroom.

This feature works very much like Google Cardboard; however, instead of using a view finder, students can move and position their iPad to get a 360 degree view of famous locations (all from  your iPad!).

How Can I Add a Virtual Field Trip?

To add a Virtual Field Trip slide to your NearPod:

1. Add a New Slide
2. Add Content
3. Select Field Trip


Choose your location and add it to your NearPod! This amazing feature will transform the way students learn. It can provide them with new and engaging experiences to solidify learning. The best part is that each student can explore the location at their own pace and from their own perspective.


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