Snap Type: The Write Way to Help Students Write Legibly

Have you ever thought about the challenges that handwriting poses? For many of our students, just the simple act of writing things down, while keeping up with the pace of instruction, can become an extremely challenging activity. Snap Type was designed to reduce barriers caused by poor handwriting and help all students access learning.

How does it work? Students use their iPad or iPhone to import or take a picture of a worksheet, then use their keyboard to add text. When students are finished, they can share, print, or email their document.

Snap Type comes in both a free and paid version. Some of its amazing features are:

  • Upload multi-page PDF's (up to 3 pages)
  • Save to Google Drive or iCloud
  • The pro version contains a filter tool, which helps students who have difficulty writing legibly with black text and a white background

We may think that this tool is only designed for one student in mind; however, this could be the perfect tool for anyone who wants to stay organized and compose legible notes. 

Do you have other accessibility tools? I'd love to hear about them!


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