Create Booksnaps with FlipGrid

Booksnaps take a literacy twist to the idea of Snapchat! Students will be using FlipGrid instead of Snapchat for this activity; however, the idea is that they do the following:

Step 1: Take a Picture! 

Have students use their camera to take a picture of a passage from their book. 

Step 2: Create Your Booksnap

Booksnaps should have the following three components:
  • Identify - Highlight or underline a sentence or phrase that stood out to you in the text.
  • Reflect - Add a sentence or phrase with a brief comment on what stood out to you from your highlighted sentence.
  • Graphic - Add a graphic, drawing, or additional photo that represents something about your passage. 

Step 3: Present! 

Record a brief 15 to 30-second video of yourself presenting your booksnap. When you are ready, post to FlipGrid! 

Need a video explanation? Check out Matt's video below:


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