Virtual Morning Meetings with Flipgrid

Morning meetings are an important component of building a strong classroom community. In a virtual environment, it can be difficult to maintain a strong sense of community; however, Google Slides and Flipgrid could offer a good solution.

Need a video? Scroll down to the video below to see this in action! 

What are the Components of Morning Meetings? 

Morning meetings are generally comprised of several different components:

  • Greeting
  • Sharing opportunity for students
  • Group activity
  • Announcements / Teacher Message
Step 1: Create a Slide with Your Meeting Information

I tend to use Google Slides to communicate information; however, you could use PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. to share your agenda or information with students. 

Step 2: Create Your Morning Meeting in Flipgrid

Next, you will want to create a new topic in Flipgrid to create your morning meeting. It may be helpful to title your meeting as the date and set a 1 - 2-minute time limit for students sharing. You will also want to include a description, instructions, and shareable link to Google Slides in your Flipgrid too! 

It may be helpful to use Flipgrid to record a sample video greeting students and explaining how the meeting will work. 

Step 3: Share with Your Students

Finally, you will want to share the link to your FlipGrid with your students. You can do this a variety of ways. If you already have a tool like Google Classroom, Schoology, or another LMS, I would recommend sharing the link directly through that. 

Want to see it in action?  Check out my how-to video: 

Need a tutorial on how to use FlipGrid? Check out my video below:


  1. I have used Google Slides for the last 3 years for Morning Meeting, so it was easy to make the switch.And funny enough, my activity on Monday is a Flipgrid response.

  2. I'm excited to use this idea this year! Thanks for the ideas!


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