Take Classkick to the Next Level with Virtual Manipulatives

Want to take your Classkick use to the next level? Why not try out the virtual manipulatives feature? This tool provides students with hands-on learning opportunities to manipulate virtual objects. How does it work?

Check out my brief video below:

3 Things to Keep in Mind

First, it may be helpful to choose a background, upload a graphic organizer, or draw your own object for a location that students can drag, drop, and categorize objects. Classkick has some amazing pre-made Venn diagram and t-chart backgrounds that you can choose from!

Next, it might be helpful to provide instructions for students by drawing a textbox. Do your students need additional scaffolds and supports? It might be helpful to include links to helpful websites or videos. You could also add a voice recording explaining the directions or giving hints. If you have students that require accommodations, this is the perfect tool to have on tap; however, it may be helpful to think that the accommodations for one student may benefit other students too.

Finally, create your virtual manipulatives. You will need to have an already created PDF, JPG, or PNG file available with your objects. I would recommend using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Google Drawings to create your graphic. I created the following in Microsoft Word. Notice how I changed the color of the text and added a picture. This can be helpful for some students to process and categorize information. I saved the document as a PDF and took pictures of each object using the manipulatives feature in Classkick. See my video for more information.


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