5 Ways You Can Use Flipgrid's New Mic Only Feature

 Flipgrid just launched a new feature to record with the Mic Only feature! This is a great tool for students who may be camera shy, need to practice their reading, or might be distracted by the camera. 

How might you use this feature? 

  • Have students use this feature to respond to discussion questions. They could very easily put their ideas into a Google Doc or on the Sticky Note tool!
  • Students could create their own podcasts. For example, perhaps students develop a podcast to discuss the causes of the Revolutionary War with on-the-scene "interviews" of historical figures. 
  • The Mic Only feature could be a great way for students to practice their reading fluency in the elementary or middle school reading classroom! Simply have students pull out a book or piece of text and record their voice. Have students practice reading this text multiple times throughout the year to show progress monitoring.
  •  Did you know that students can still use all of the tools in Flipgrid? Use the whiteboard feature and have students show their work and discuss how they are solving math problems!
  • Use the Mic feature in Flipgrid as an editing tool! After students have completed a writing assignment, have them read it aloud on Flipgrid, not only as "proof" that they did read their writing aloud but also as a way to listen for potential revisions that need to occur. 

How does it work? Check out my video below. 

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