Phonics Practice with Jamboard

 Jamboard recently developed a new option for adding custom backgrounds to your frames. A colleague and I decided to put this to the test by developing an interactive phonics practice activity using Jamboard, Google Drawings, and Google Classroom. 

Even if you are not a Language Arts or elementary school teacher, you might find this activity helpful.

How Did We Do It? 

First, we created a brand new Jamboard

Next, we created a few custom backgrounds using Google Drawings. After we were finished designing our backgrounds, we saved them as a JPG (File > Download > JPG) and then uploaded them to Jamboard. You can upload your custom background to Jamboard by visiting Set Background. 

After we set our custom background, we designed a few interactive "chip" pieces that would be placed on this frame. We created the "chips" using Google Drawings and downloaded them as a JPG; however, we chose the add image button in Jamboard to upload our "chips." We also used the duplicate image feature by clicking on the 3 dots in the top-right corner of our image. 

Then, we put together additional frames. The image below is an example of using the Sticky note feature of Jamboard. This provided students with a way to move predetermined words and classify them into prefixes and suffixes. 

Finally, we placed everything on Google Classroom and made a copy for each student! This was helpful for individual practice, but it also allowed the teacher to monitor student progress by checking the assignments directly in Google Classroom. 

Want to see a video of how to do this? Check out my video below

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