Make Learning Fun Again with Baamboozle!

 I am always looking for fun and engaging ways to help students learn! I recently came across Baamboozle, which is a free tool for students to study, self-assess, or play a Jeopardy-like group game! Whether you want students to study, provide direct instruction, or play a group review game, Baamboozle has a feature for you. 

Some of my favorite features of this tool are:

  • No two games are the same! Questions are never in the same order and are pulled from a bank of questions created by the creator of the game. 
  • You can customize your game to your student's needs! Need a timer? Want to give students a chance to pass on a question they don't know? Do you want to change your team names? 
  • There is no need to prepare! There are thousands of games created by other educators available to play at your fingertips.
  • Limited on student devices? No worries. You can easily project this game on your Smartboard
  • Students do not need accounts or codes to play!
  • I can easily create my own games within minutes!

If you want to check out how to play and create your own games on Baamboozle, check out my video below!


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