5 Time-Efficient Ways of Adding Feedback in Google Classroom

Feedback is a crucial element to learning because it supports student learning, achievement, and engagement.With so many demands placed on teachers, it can be difficult to keep up with the effort needed to provide helpful feedback for students. What if there was an easier more time-efficient way of giving feedback? Here are five time efficient and effective ways to add feedback on Google Classroom! 

Check out my video or read below. 

  • Idea # 1: The Private Comment section of Google Classroom is the perfect place to have a private conversation between the teacher and the student. It could be a helpful place for students to ask questions in private without the judgement of their peers. 

  • Idea # 2: Comments have been around since the dawn of Google Docs. They are a great way to share ideas, links, and assign tasks (just use the @ and type the person's name). 

  • Idea # 3: The Comment Bank in Google Classroom is a database of canned responses or comments that you can choose from. You can copy and paste directly into the comment or use a # to directly insert your canned response into the comment.

  • Idea # 4: Use Suggestion Mode! This is a great way to go to town with edits; however, the student is the one that has to approve or disprove of it. 

  • Idea # 5: Mote is an awesome tool for adding audio notes to any Google Doc, Slide, etc. Visit the Chrome web store and download the Chrome extension. Once you download it, you can add comments up to 1 minute and 30 seconds. 

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