Check For Plagiarism With Google Classroom's Originality Report Feature

If you are like me, you look for ways to teach students valuable digital citizenship skills, which will help them throughout life. The shift to hybrid and virtual learning in many schools could possibly generate plagiarism issues. As we ask students to complete and hand-in more digital assignments, how do we make sure that students are handing in original work?  

The originality report feature in Google Classroom provides you with a tool to educate students on how to develop original works and avoid plagiarism. 

How does it work? 

First, you will open up an assignment that you would like to run an originality report on. Please note, as of February 2021, if you have a G Suite for Education account, you are entitled 5 free reports per assignment. Check out Google's article for more information on how to have unlimited access. 

Next, you will want to open up your assignment and run the report. Want to see it in action? Check out my video below


In conclusion, the originality report could be a great tool in your arsenal for many reasons. First, it provides an innovative way for teaching students the importance of creating their original work and citing another person's work for. Secondly, it can help keep students accountable and provide students with a safe space to make and learn from mistakes. 


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