What Do You Want to Learn? Breakout Room Template

Looking for a way to keep students engaged in breakout rooms? It can be helpful to design a learning experience, where students choose what they want to learn and collaborate in a breakout room to learn more. 

For example, here is a template that I created called "What Do You Want to Learn?" Students have four different options for exploring Texas history. 

First, students make their selection by clicking the link of the topic of their choice and visiting the assigned breakout room (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). 

Next, students work together in their breakout room to explore the topic. Notice that I have embedded different types of media to represent content. I also included a challenge for students to demonstrate their understanding of what they learned. 

Finally, you will want to think about workflow. How will you keep students accountable? Will you want students present their findings, upload their assignment, etc.? Do you want students to build a collaborative project or do you want students to complete something individually? 

Check out my video for more information.


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