Create a One-Pager

 I recently came across a really cool assessment strategy for students called the One Pager. This strategy is based on the Dual Coding Theory by Allan Paivio, which "assumes that there are two cognitive subsystems, one specialized for the representation and processing of nonverbal objects/events (i.e., imagery), and the other specialized for dealing with language," (, 2021). 

The One Pager Strategy

The One Pager is an excellent strategy for combing language with nonverbal objects and imagery. I've created the following infographic to help you design your own! As a side note, you might want to check out the COSTA level framework for questions. 

How do you create a One Pager? Whether you are using paper or a tool, like Jamboard, it is very simple and shouldn't take too long. Check out my video tutorial below: 

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