In the 21st Century Collaboration and Sharing is Key

In the 21st Century, collaboration and sharing is the key. Think about all of the reasons for this: increased technology capabilities, increased enrollment in online courses, more workers than ever working from home, mobile phone capabilities, and the overall globalization of the world! Our students need to learn how to collaborate because they will have to once they leave our classrooms!

One way to collaborate is sharing files or information. Many educators would like to have students "share" files to complete a project, but they often have to help students navigate through a series of confusing network folders and settings. If you want students to collaborate on one document, Google Docs may be your answer.

But what about large projects that involve multiple documents or tasks to be completed by students? What about those students who are always absent, leaving other students scrambling to get the project completed? Wikisend may be your solution.
What is Wikisend? It's very similar to DropBox. It's a free file sharing service, where users can upload and download files, media files, archives and backups, making it simple to share with friends. Users can share using E-mail, MySpace page, blogs, etc.

There is no need to register or install software- you just need to use Wikisend's uploading form and you`re ready to upload and download.


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