Welcome to the Zooniverse

We all learned about the Scientific Method in our younger days. We either got it or didn't. Perhaps we didn't understand because there were no "real life" examples. Zooniverse may have been a great tool to have back then!

Zooniverse is a website devoted to the largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects on the Internet. Live projects are on the site, with more added each day. This site is an excellent example of inquiry-based learning!

It was created to collect data on a well-defined research question and has evolved through collaboration and innovation. Thousands of people view the projects everyday, creating amazing opportunities for teachers and students, serving as a powerful learning experience, while engaging in "real life" science.

There are tons of educational resources for learners of all ages, such as: the Galaxy Zoo and Solar Storm resources. The site also contains blogs and discussion forums, enhancing the interactive nature of the site.

Zooniverse promotes collaboration! Users can create
accounts that allow you to access all of the projects and keep track of what you have contributed. If you are a science or health teacher, this is definitely the site for you!


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