Video Clip Search Engine: ClipBlast

Many of us search for the "perfect" video clip, but are often limited to YouTube and Google videos. Earlier in the Summer, I wrote on Alternatives to YouTube. I would like to continue adding to that list. Why not try ClipBlast?

ClipBlast is a video search engine, which searches through video clips from all of the major networks, PBS, Biography, Hulu, and TNT. It is quickly becoming the leading destination for people searching and browsing for video clips, on-demand television episodes, news reports, sports, television commercials, how-to video, web shows, user video and everything in between. It uses Video Search technology, which helps content providers distribute their product to gain more viewers, views and drive revenue. As a teacher, this site may be a useful tool for you to use to find the right video for your topic, because of the possibilities!

I wouldn't recommend having students use this particular site, due to the potential of accessing graphic material. However, it may be a great teaching tool for educators, due to the diversity of its sources. Give it a try.


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