Watch YouTube Videos "2Together"

As teachers, we understand that showing a YouTube video is one way of providing another way of representing material. It creates connections for our visual learners. It gives our auditory learners a chance to "hear" more about a topic. Yet, one of the biggest limitations of showing a YouTube clip is that you have to be there. Your students have to be physically present when you watch the clip. In a way, we are limiting the learning process to occur between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm.

In the age of "Web 2.0," "Collaboration" and "Innovation," we know that this just doesn't work. What if there were a way to watch a YouTube video after the school day has ended and yet maintain a discussion about that clip too?

There is a new way! It's called . It allows you watch a YouTube video "2gether" and discuss it in a chat room set up. Users can discuss YouTube videos in a chat window, while watching the video. All a user has to do is create a session by giving it a "name", paste the URL of a YouTube video and then share the URL of your specially created chat room. Why not spend some quality time with your students and watch a YouTube video "2gether"?


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