Creating Google (Collaborative) Presentations

Many people have asked me, how can you use Google Presentations in the classroom. I use them very often. In fact, I often have my students collaborate on Google Presentations as another alternative to notes. Students are assigned a slide to prepare and then they must present the material later on. 

I always get the question: what if the students make a mistake? Or they don't have enough information? The beauty of a Google Presentation is that it is an example of cloud computing...meaning...many students can work on it at the same time and it is saved on a server somewhere in the world. So if I make changes, everyone will have the same changes. Google presentations are great study tools as well! Now you don't have to have your students copy down notes from another classmate. They just have to have a link instead. Check out this latest installment of "What to Do in Just a Few" to see how to set this up. 
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