Keeping Polling Simple!

"I'm tired of creating user names and passwords. I just want something to create a quick poll and be done with it!" said one of my overwhelmed with technology colleagues. "I just want to get quick feedback without a lot of hoops to go through."

I have to admit, I am the same way. I don't want to add anymore user names and passwords to my digital footprint, when it comes to creating a poll. I want to get feedback from my students in order to create a flexible curriculum, which impacts all learning styles.

In order to help this colleague of mine, I decided to do a good search on "Polling Sites." I was bombarded with Survey Monkey and Google Forms, which are both great tools, but require a username and password.

I came across a great site called Poll Code, which allows you to create free polls online. No username or password is needed. It is simple and easy to customize. Just type in your question and responses. Customize the appearance with a few clicks and it will generate an html code or weblink that you can share via email or on your website. Not tech saavy? It even allows you to automatically make a "quick post" to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and tons more!

Once the poll is created, participants can vote 1 time per day, week, month, or year (depending on how you set it up). If participants try to vote from their computer, it will not let them (because of your computers unique IP address). It also allows participants to see results after they have voted!

Need help using this technology?  Check out the Learn-Lead-Grow website.  or my What to Do in Just a Few video below:

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