Random Name Picker by ClassTools

Have you ever had a student accuse you of picking on them? That you had it out for them? That you never call on any other student in the class? Now you have a high-tech tool to help you randomly call the names of your students.

ClassTools has a free online Random Name Picker to help you with classroom management. How does it work?

1. Click on the Edit/Save button

2. Enter in the names of your students and click "save this list as currently shown." You will be prompted to type in a password, so that you can make edits later.

3. ClassTools will generate a unique URL, so that you can access your Random Name Picker online. If you ever need to make edits, you will just need to enter in the password that you created earlier.

There are numerous ways to share:

  • Embed the code on your website
  • Share the URL
  • Generate a QR Code, so that you can access it on  your mobile device
  • Download the web shortcut
Let technology help you solve the problem of selecting students to answer questions! 


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