Use the FridgePoems App to Engage Students

I am always looking for creative and different ways for students demonstrate their understanding of a particular concept. In my experience, the more creative the medium, the more engaging it is to students. One free creative iPad App that I found is called FridgePoems.  It reminds me of the letter magnets that my children use to spell out random words on our fridge at home.

In a similar way, FridgePoems lets students take randomly generated words to compose a poem. There are  several different fridge layouts and ways to customize your fridge, so you can be really creative. By default, words are selected from a Standard Word-pack; however, you did have the option of purchasing other Word-packs. The Standard Word-pack is a great way to introduce a topic, define a particular vocabulary term, or wrap up a lesson.

Poems can be easily saved to your Camera Roll or shared through a text message, Facebook post, or email. Have other creative ways to engage students? I would love to hear about them. Feel free to email me your ideas.

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