Reviewing for Tests the #UDL Way with MoveNote and LiveBinders

On Monday of this past week, I had made a post referencing the MoveNote App as a way to jigsaw assignments. After much thought, I wanted to share with you another creative way to use MoveNote and LiveBinders as a study tool.

We all have various ways of reviewing for tests. Some of us use stations, others review sheets, and some have students create cheat sheets. Why not use MoveNote as a tool for review?

Imagine having students use MoveNote to review materials for an upcoming test. You may begin with assigning students a particular concept or review question. In turn, they would have to verbally explain their response to their peers (perfect for auditory learners) while gathering pictures to illustrate the concept for visual learners.

As students finish their presentations,you begin collecting the URL's of their responses to embed into a LiveBinder. This binder will contain the student presentations and resources to help all students grasp materials.

This is an easy way to scaffold learning opportunities for the different ability levels and learning styles in your classroom. If we can frontload students with supports that provide students with different ways of representing, expressing, and engaging with material, we can create more successful learning outcomes.

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