Using MoveNote to Jigsaw Assignments

My students and I started a new unit today, which required motivating them a different way. I wanted to provide students with a unique way to jigsaw the information that we were discussing in class. If you are not familiar with a jigsaw, it is when you divide up a task (usually a reading assignment) and assign different parts to different groups of students. 

My students broke into groups and were responsible for presenting a certain portion of the assignment to the class. Rather than create a poster or a boring PowerPoint, I asked students to use MoveNote to use 3 to 5 different pictures to illustrate a concept. Students used these pictures to construct the framework for their 1 - 2 minute synopsis of the topic. 

As students record their presentation, they are also being recorded by their webcam. Not only is there an informational element to the presentation, but we are able to see their faces and hear their voices making the presentation. When students were finished, they shared it by having MoveNote email me their presentation. 

We used the presentations to discuss the topic. It was quite entertaining, engaging, and very easy! We used the MoveNote iPad App; however, you can visit to use the web version. I really love this tool and look forward to using it again! 

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