4 Ways #Google Keep Will Change The Way You Organize Ideas and Tasks

If you are not familiar with Google Keep, it is a cloud-based way of keeping your thoughts, ideas, and to-do list organized across any device. As we help our students become more independent in their learning, this tool could help provide students with strategic ways to accumulate information and manage goals.

Here are four things you should know about Google Keep:

1. Ideas Across Multiple Devices

Google Keep can be used across multiple devices. Create a to-do list on your phone, add to it in the office, and make the finishing touches on your tablet. You may even want to consider using the Chrome Extension to make your browsing experience more efficient and effective.

2. Capture Your Ideas The Way That Works Best 

Google Keep allows you to capture your thoughts and ideas in ways that works best for you. Organize your ideas by color coding, capture your thoughts via notes, lists, audio, and photos. Click and drag your notes to rearrange your ideas in a way that works best for you.  

3. The Perfect  Tool To Plan  and Organize Collaboration 
Use Google Keep provides you with a way to collaborate with others! Managing a project? Creating a grocery list? You can easily share and collaborate with others to keep the ideas coming! This provides students with the perfect platform to plan and organize their ideas and tasks before they create a Google Doc, Slide, or Site.

4. Filter The Way You Need To

Google Keep's advance filtering tools let you search your notes by key words, who you have shared with, the type of file you attached, and even the color of your note. This is a great way to effectively find the information that you need when you need it.

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