Creating a Web Page with Google Docs?

As our students gain more technological experience, how do we provide them with authentic opportunities to share their work with the world? Many elementary teachers would love to have a simple way for any student to share their work on a single web page. Many middle school and high school teachers would love a quick way for students to publish their work. Why not use a Google Doc? That's right - Google Doc!

Many of my readers would love to have their students create a Google Site; however, there may not be enough time to teach how pages and subpages work. Using Google Docs, allows you to create a very simplistic single-page website.

How does it work? 

Step 1: Create a Doc

Create your document using Google Docs and add pictures, text, hyperlinks, and other content!

Step 2: Publish

Visit the File Menu and choose Publish to Web. You will be prompted to give your permission to Publish. Any changes are automatically updated by default. You also have the option of embedding your web page into your blog or another website.

Step 3: Share the Hyperlink

When you visit the hyperlink, it opens up as a regular web page. No Google Drive or Google Docs signup needed. The interface is not as slick as a regular web page, but this does the trick when you don't have much time to design.

How could I use this? 

This is a great way to create a collaborative "web page" to share content learned in class. Perhaps students answer the essential question of the day or share what they have learned? I wouldn't say that this is a replacement to Google Sites, but it is a great tool to give elementary school students experiencing in publishing to the web. Perhaps you wanted a simple way for students to publish their work on the web for parents to see.

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