Embed Your Own Auto-Advancing Slideshow with Google Slides

I love the collaborative nature of Google Slides (or Google's version of PowerPoint) because of the many ways it can be used in the classroom. I recently worked with a colleague, who wanted to embed an auto-advancing slideshow on his blog of his students learning about the digestive system of cows! There are many alternatives out there, but we found a way to do this via Google Slides.

How To Create and Embed Your Own Auto-Advancing Slideshow:

Step 1: Create Your Google Slide Presentation

Add content to your slideshow in the form of pictures, text, etc.

Step 2: Publish to the Web

When you are finished with your presentation, go to the File Menu and choose Publish to the Web. This will make your presentation into an actual web document. Each time that you make a change to your presentation, make sure that you choose Publish to Web.

Step 3: Customize and Publish 

A dialog box will appear on your screen with several different options. Choose the Embed tab and customize how you want text to appear.

I would highly recommend checking each of the check boxes provided. You want your presentation to startup automatically when the player loads and you want your presentation to keep cycling through.  When you are finished customizing, choose Publish.

Step 4: Copy the HTML Code

After you click Publish, Google will generate HTML code to embed your presentation in your website or blog. Copy this code!

Step 5: Paste on Your Blog or Website

The last step is to paste your HTML code on your blog or website. In most cases, you have the option to insert HTML code (depending on the platform you are using). Another helpful way of doing this is to choose the HTML view of your blog or website. Find the spot you want to place your presentation and paste.

Still need help doing this? I'll coach you through it:

How Could This Be Used? 

If you are an educator, you know that administrators often require that we say or post an essential question, objective, or do now each day. What if you had your students answer this question by creating their own 3 slide presentation? Perhaps have students answer the question or state 3 things you should know about ___ (your topic). Choose the best presentation and put it on your blog or website.

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