Grade Individual Sections of Google Forms

I recently had a reader contact me about how they could link multiple Google Form Quizzes and have each quiz or part graded individually with Flubaroo. As far as I am aware, Flubaroo treats an entire form as a Quiz; therefore, grading each section individually will not work with Flubaroo.

I came up with a few work arounds that you might want to try. Each option requires that you make a separate quiz for each section. For example, if you wanted three sections for your quiz, you would need to create three different quizzes.
  • Idea # 1 - Create individual quizzes in Google Forms, but link everything in a Google Doc. 
  • Idea # 2 - After each "quiz" or section is finished, created a custom message with a hyperlink to take your next "quiz" or section.
Here are explanations of the two options:


  1. Cristin M. DillardMar 20, 2018, 9:12:00 AM

    From a data standpoint, how will this look if I needed to populate all the data to one sheet?

  2. Hi Cristin. All of your results will populate into a spreadsheet, so you will have a single location of your data.

  3. Hi, do you happen to know if flubaroo has changed this functionality at all?


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