A Google A Day Keeps Students Engaged

You might have heard the expression, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away," but a Google a day can keep students engaged!

What is A Google A Day?

A Google A Day is a free site aimed at sharpening your students ability to search and find answers through a game-like format. I love the site's motto, "there's no right way to solve it, but there's only one right answer." It is very simple. Each day, you are asked three different questions and you have to find the answer by any means possible.

The quicker you find your answer, the more points you earn. Need help? A Google A Day can provide you with hints, such as key words and the first letters of the term.

How it Can Benefit Students?

Problem solving has become an essential skill for students (and teachers) in the era of grit, the growth mindset, and STEM. We are constantly looking for ways to challenge our students, grow their abilities, and sharpen their skill sets. Google introduced us to "moonshot thinking" and to look at problems through unique perspectives. How about trying A Google A Day? This challenge provides every student with a chance to problem solve and shine.

Since A Google A Day asks you the same set of questions per day, why not use it to challenge your class as a bell ringer activity? The last five minutes of class are often the most unproductive minutes of class. Why not challenge your students until the ending moments of class?


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