Google Image Quiz: An Engaging Way to Teach Search

Teaching students how to search for information is a valuable skill in the 21st Century. I'm amazed at how many students do not know how to search effectively. Instead of using keywords, they type full questions (punctuation and all).  The Google Image Quiz is a valuable resource, which takes the form of a game aimed at helping students learn the power of queries. This resource is designed by Silvio Lorusso.

How does it work? 

After visiting the website, you will see a random image appear on your screen. Below the image, you are asked to guess the keyword or query used to find the image in Google. 

Not sure where to start? Google Image Quiz gives you with several hints. First, each box represents a letter in the query. 

Need a little more help? Click on the Hint button to reveal one letter at a time. 

Want to start over? Click on the Show New Image button for a new image to search for. 

Why is Searching Important?

Information is a valuable commodity in our world today, but finding information is even more valuable. Think about all of the time students waste because they don't know the language of searching. How can we teach our students the language needed for mastery and efficiency? Many of us turn to librarians, computer teachers, or media specialists to teach an annual lesson on Google searching. No doubt this is valuable; however, in order for something to become a skill, it has to be practiced. Google Image Quiz provides teachers with an engaging activity, which teaches students valuable skills. 

Are you aware of any other cool search games like Google Image Quiz? I'd love to hear about it and feature it on my blog! 

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