3 Ways to Use the iOS Version of Google Earth in the Classroom

Have you tried Google Earth lately? Whether you are using the mobile, web, Mac or PC version, you should definitely give this tool a try. Although there are many great versions of Google Earth, I want to showcase the iOS version today!

Here are 3 ways you can use iOS Google Earth in the classroom.

1. Random Location Writing Prompts

Google Earth's I'm Feeling Lucky feature (dice icon) takes you to a random location. Have your students practice their writing skills by describing the location or creating a story. Your students can use Street View (Pegman icon) and information cards to add details to their stories!

2. Take Virtual Field Trips

Use the Voyager feature to take your students on virtual field trips. Choose from a variety of different voyages involving editor's pics, travel, nature, culture, history, and education. When you select a voyage, you can start exploring through a local guide, which includes information, maps, images, street view, and photospheres.

3. Student-Created Field Trips

Need to have your students create a quick field trip to share with the class? There are many great tools out there, including the desktop version of Google Earth and Google Tour Builder. If you are limited on time, work with students under the age of 13, or need something quick, you can use several of the features of iOS to quickly create a field trip and dump slides into Google Slides.

  • Step 1: Search for Your Location - Use the search tool to find specific locations. 

  • Step 2: Take a Screenshot - Use the street view, 2D, or 3D tools to get the perfect view of your location. Taking a screenshot can be difficult for younger students on an iOS device. Google Earth has a screenshot icon (camera), which will take a screenshot of your location instead!

  • Step 3: Share Your Location - Use the Share icon (box with arrow pointing up) to get a link to your location.

  • Step 4: Dump Your Link and Screenshot into Google Slides - simply paste your location link (from step 3) and insert your screenshot (from step 2). 

Want to make this experience even better? Create a shared class presentation. Have students work as a class to create a class field trip through a collaborative presentation. 

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