Create Screen Capture GIF's from Chrome with Bukket

When you think of GIF's, you might think of funny animated images on social media or text messages. Over the past year, I have learned the value of creating animated GIF's to help enhance step-by-step instructions for students and teachers alike.

How can you create animated GIF's from screen recordings? One possible option is the Bukket Chrome Extension, which allows you to create screen captures and animated GIF recordings on your web browser. Many schools restrict teachers from downloading applications from the Internet, so this may be an option.

How can you create an Animated GIF with Bukket?

  • First, you will want to make sure that you install the Bukket Chrome Extension. Remember: Chrome Extensions only work in the Chrome Browser.

  • Next, choose the Bukket extension and choose "Record Selected Area" to record a specific area on your browser window OR you can choose "Record Visible Area" to record your entire open window. 

  • Then, you will choose "Record" to record your GIF. Bukket will capture any action on your screen including your mouse movements. 

  • When you are finished, choose "Stop Recording." This will begin the encoding process, which will take a few moments. 

  • Finally, you can choose "Save" to save your GIF to your device. 

After you finish, you will have your very own animated GIF! See my example below:


There are many great animated GIF creators out there. What are some of your favorites? I would love to hear your ideas. Please leave a comment. 


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    1. Thanks for sharing! I just checked it out and it looks like another excellent extension.


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